A New Way To Meet

Host your friends, family, and colleagues in a setting that reflects how special they are and inspires further connection. The Siskin & Sora Rooms are located on the mezzanine of the Marina Grand Resort. No detail has gone overlooked when redeveloping these spaces, and you can count on us taking the same level of care with your event.

The Siskin Room

The Siskin Room is inspired by elements of Scandinavian design, and speaks to the visual language of the local community. Whatever your vision might be, we can ensure you that our team will shape the space to accommodate your needs. From business meetings, to social events, the 1,200-square-foot room is a welcoming destination to all who come.


The Sora Room

The Sora Room is a luxury board room well suited for breakout sessions, conference calls, and collaborative workshopping. The space can host up to 12 people. Feel free to add this on to the larger experience, or keep it close and just use this space.



Expand your event further into the newly renovated Mezzanine level. With large windows, and comfortable lounge seating, the opportunities for conversation only expand. Room for people to roam, and come together.


Gather Glamorously

We know that a successful event doesn’t just happen by accident. It takes planning, coordination, and time. We want to give you the support you need to minimize the time aspect of it. Through a few tried and true methods, we cut out confusion and embrace clarity. Simply put, we help you bring people, purpose, and results together.